During lockdown, we have been working hard to bring you a comprehensive set of tools and new features to support the safe reopening of your venue.

Digital Signage

A1 Display is Admit-One's digital signage software. It is included as a core part of Admit-One for any of our customers to use, if they would benefit from it. It can be used in several different ways, to present various bits of information, live from your POS server.
This information is not only informative to your customers but can also act as a way to drive sales, and give up-to-date availability, and scheduling information.

  • Software
  • A1 Display run on the clients, with a connection to your server. It is easy to use, and can be configured by yourselves, or with help from us. We can do an initial setup for you, with guidance to how to make regular updates if it is your requirement.
  • Full Schedules and Times Boards
  • Our full schedule object has a huge selection of options and customisations. You can use custom fonts, colours, override certificate images, and displays the events in an array of ways.
  • Hall Information
  • The hall information bars are an informative way for your patrons to see quick information about your halls. This includes a status message which will update dynamically when needed, and can also be overridden from a Touch POS function. These are highly customisable in regards to text, content, and when they change information.
  • Event Countdowns
  • The event countdown is a simple text object which can be set to countdown to a set time. It can be customised the same as any other text object with font, colour and size. It would commonly be set on a custom background, or be accompanied with a rolling set of images which will change on each impression.
  • Video and Trailer Reels
  • Our video object is capable of playing .mov and standard .mp4 video files (note this will be expanded more in the future). It can be set to monitor a folder of trailers, or loop round a single video. Text, image, info and rating objects can be linked to the video to populate with event information, giving your customers information about the event and when it is showing at your site.

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